Spanish Parliament – MP’s Salaries D3js Visualization

This interactive visualization built with the fantastic D3.js library shows the salaries of the members of the Spanish Parlament.

SueldosDiputados Spanish Parliament   MPs Salaries D3js Visualization

The visualization was part of the project  ¿Cuánto ganan de verdad los diputados?, carried out by one of the participant teams in the 2nd Workshop on Data Journalism held in Medialab Prado in October and December 2014

It was updated, adapted and published by El Confidencial on 2015, February 27th. CrushNews also used it in the article: El Sueldo de los Diputados en España. On March 3rd, 2015 an adaptation for Navarra was published by El Diario de Navarra.

20150303 parlamento navarra visualización Spanish Parliament   MPs Salaries D3js VisualizationThe code is published under the GNUv3 license and available in my GitHub repository.

Here you have the final presentation showing the results of the team’s work in Medialab-Prado Madrid (December 2014).

In August 2016, Mauricio Vargas published this adaptation for the Congress of Chile.

Screenshot at 2016 08 30 163143 Spanish Parliament   MPs Salaries D3js Visualization

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