H3stogram Gallery

This is a snapshot gallery of the application H3stogram. You can read the complete article about H3stogram here.

h3stogram 17 1024x703 H3stogram Gallery
This image has very saturated colors. See how the yellow bubbles approach the sides and edges of the RGB cube.
h3stogram 18 1024x669 H3stogram Gallery
Showing the histogram in form of ‘bricks’ so that the main colors stand out.
h3stogram 05 H3stogram Gallery
This one has poor dinamic range: see hoy there is a gap between the big white bubbles and the white vertex of the RBG cube.
h3stogram 04 H3stogram Gallery
Only the colors which appear in many pixels of the image are considered (by using the threshold in the H3stogram’s controls).
h3stogram 03 H3stogram Gallery
Here the reds and yellows are completely saturated: see how the blocks follow the edges of the cube.
h3stogram 02 H3stogram Gallery
This one has mild saturation: the bubbles approach the central cube’s diagonal, from the black to the white vertex, staying away from the sides and edges.
h3stogram 01 H3stogram Gallery
Here the the histogram for the yellow flower has been depicted with more resolution (5 bits per channel instead of 4).
h3stogram 00c 1024x680 H3stogram Gallery
This is a view from the white corner of the cube. It is similar to a color wheel.
h3stogram 001 1024x693 H3stogram Gallery
The same image as above but with more resolution (5 bits per channel)
h3stogram 15 1024x697 H3stogram Gallery
You can visualize the bubbles or bricks in wireframe mode, so that you can see through them more easily.
h3stogram 14 1024x693 H3stogram Gallery
You can navigate into the RGB cube.
h3stogram 13 1024x715 H3stogram Gallery
This is the frontal default view. The edge blue-magenta is close and down.
h3stogram 11 1024x695 H3stogram Gallery
Viewed from the black corner. Again the color wheel distribution, but this time from the shadows.
h3stogram 08 H3stogram Gallery
Raising the resolution up to 6 bits per channel…
h3stogram 09 H3stogram Gallery
Here the resolution was even higher, 7 bits per channel.
h3stogram 06 1024x768 H3stogram Gallery
A black and white image with poor dynamic range. Note the gap around the white vertex.
h3stogram 07 H3stogram Gallery
After processing the image with a curve, we increase the global contrast and the gap is not there any longer.

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