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Heroku: WebSockets Now in Public Beta. To do: test it with DoF JSON online calculator (Until now it was falling back to … → October 16, 2013


3D Color Histogram

In progress: 3D-interactive color histogram, for analyzing and interact with the color structure of pictures. Written in javascript, using the three.js framework for webgl.

Moving from Linux Mint 14, based on the Ubuntu repositories, to Linux Mint Debian 201303. It is going very smooth so far. → October 15, 2013


DoF Android Graphic Calculator

Depth of Field made intuitive. DoF graphic calculator for Android. It strives to give photographers an intuitive understanding of depth of field so that they can take better photos.

Factor Inquietante

¿Es posible reconocer la vida en patrones abstractos?
¿Existen diferencias entre los patrones generados por procesos relacionados con organismos vivos, procesos naturales y procesos artificiales?
¿Qué relación hay entre la percepción de la vida, la respuesta emocional y el arte?

La Cosa Radiactiva

La Cosa Radiactiva

“The Radioactive Thing” brings together science, art, society and activism.


DoF JSON online calculator

Photography Depth of Field calculator as a JSON web service (POST & websockets). Implemented with node.js, javascript, jquery.


Quadratic Lights WEBGL

While experimenting with the great framework three.js I ran into the need of simulating some light setups with quadratic decay (which is the natural way for light to decrease its intensity over distance). However I soon learned that three.js does not support this feature yet. This article describes a proposal to address this issue.