T-cracia is a data-driven application aimed to monitor, measure and analyze the Spanish political activity on Twitter. By querying the Twitter REST …

DollyZoom.js on Chrome Experiments

DollyZoom.js on Chrome Experiments

DollyZoom.js has been published on Chrome Experiments. Chrome Experiments is a showcase of web experiments written by the creative coding community. All …


Web interactive applications with acti0.js

Work in progress: acti0.js is a light framework that aims to build web interactive applications with different components. The upcoming demo puts together: Three.js, KineticJS, D3.js, the HTML5 video element, WebCam capture and dat-gui. acti0.js strives to the glue to put them together: a reactor (event loop), modular approach using RequireJS and the module pattern, pervasive use of events and more.